El Sadat: The Parliament Suffers Unprecedented Legislative Incompetence

Chairman of the Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El Sadat declares that the Egyptian Parliament is witnessing unprecedented legislative shortcomings. This came after the Parliament's Spokesman presented in a press conference the legislative achievements up until the third plenary session. The recently-released law on sports, for instance, included some flaws that necessitated amending several articles. Consequently, Minister of Youth and Sport Dr. Ashraf Sobhy requested forming a committee to examine the law and redraft the articles which are considered for amendment. The civil society organizations law, approved by the parliament months ago and endorsed by President Sisi, has not been followed by its executive regulations until this moment. As a result, most of the civil society projects and activities, both locally and internationally, are in halt. Furthermore, some articles in the civil service law turned out to be in need of amendment to reconcile the status of several public employees and authorities.

El Sadat explained that the end result cannot be manifested in quantity or in the numbers of finalized laws. What really matters is the extent to which these laws' contents can be applicable for executive on the ground. Similarly important are precise written composition and professional writers. This is exactly what we are lacking at the moment, though we have exceptionally experienced personal in legislative drafting. Legislation is an extremely technical field with special rules which cannot be grasped by amateurs or beginners. Only those with the relevant experience and competence are capable of drafting sound laws, taking into consideration all the decisive various dimensions. Here we are now, stuck with numerous laws which are not feasible for implementation. Some laws are flawed, some encompass articles that need to be amended, and others cannot be translated into viable executive regulations. On the other hand, there are different laws which should be a top priority as stipulated in the constitution, however they have not been revealed and no one knows much about them. These laws are the ones on transitional justice, anti-discrimination commission and the municipalities.

El Sadat stated: It is unfortunately to witness many bizarre unprecedented phenomena under the parliamentary dome. Appointing a spokesman for the parliament is one of these phenomena. It has always been the norm that the Parliament President is the one who speaks on behalf of the House according to House of Representatives law and its internal bylaws. It additionally makes no sense that the MPs who deliberate on the national budget, are not allowed to access and discuss the parliament's budget, except for those sitting in the Planning and Budget Specialized Committee. The parliament does not need to demonstrate its achievements. Real accomplishments speak for themselves and can be sensed by citizens through following their representatives' stances and performance within the parliament. Will the Parliament be able to regain public trust?


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