El Sadat: the Electoral System Should be decided in light of the Current Parliament's Practices and Performance

Chairman of the Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El Sadat has confirmed that the ongoing restructuring of the municipalities' electoral system and the proposed amendments for the House of Representatives' law do not contribute to a sound political atmosphere. The mainstream tendency is in favor of a large increase in the absolute party lists- rather than the proportional- and a decrease in the individual candidacy. There are also deliberations to turn the majority coalition into a political party. However, the 
proportional open party lists together with a fair percentage for individual candidates is the proper system to support and strengthen political parties with effective member of parliaments and municipalities.
El Sadat mentioned that the absolute closed electoral system aims only at controlling and engineering the final outlook of the elected parliament. Many have backed this system because it is their only way to guarantee theirseats without any effort. We have seen that the party lists largely depend on popular figures and are completed with people who have no grassroots presence and are new comers to the political arena.
El Sadat added that we respect the legitimate right to amend the ratios allocated for the party and individual candidates. Nevertheless, we have to consider the electoral systems that generate representatives capable of addressing citizens' problems from day one and are determined to use their right to legislate and scrutinize, as it should be. Hence, the electoral law should be decided on the basis of its outcomes through participatory consultations and dialogue with all political parties.


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