The Role of the Citizen and the State

We are a few days shy of the end of the Presidential elections when the results will be announced and a new presidential term will start. Until the election days scheduled for 26-27-28 March, a lot of attention and effort to all citizens is being paid by candidates and state institutions, especially the media, to encourage them to participate in the vote, ensuring high voter turn out and unification around a better future for Egypt.

Will we continue to witness the same level of attention to citizens, their vote, and their participation? Or will the popular Egyptian saying "We forget you at weddings but invite you for grievances" apply noting the only difference being that the elections are an important source of happiness. Will state institutions and the media, parliament, and businessmen continue to be united and inclusive regarding other social issues as they are now? No one is contesting the importance of the Presidential elections and the required publicity surrounding it and we do not blame those who are racing to mobilize the public to vote, we do however wish to see the same spirit in racing towards achieving other issues and priorities amidst real public participation. We have many important issues that deserve a public dialogue, priority setting, and real effort to be accomplished.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
President of the Reform and Development Party


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