Dialogue is the Answer

With increasing anger and the political freeze happening in Egypt in light of the Presidential Elections, there are important questions: Till when will this situation continue? How will we end this situation?

I see that it is time for everyone to take part in a serious national dialogue to avoid escalations and clashes. There is no doubt that all political forces in the opposition, intellectuals, and regular citizens know the magnitude of challenges facing the Egyptian state; in the security sector and the fight against terrorism, and in the economic sector as well. However, it is also important not to forget the political situation and the importance of a fair chance of public participation through real independent institutions. There is no other way to build a new, civil, and democratic state.

The more important question is: Who should call for dialogue? It is natural for President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to adopt this initiative. He is the current and upcoming president and the only one with the ability to absorb everyone, remove anger, and melt the political freeze that we are living, which is similar to a blood clot around the heart, if left uncontrolled, the whole body will be in danger.

I see that there is still a chance for reunification, unity, and knowing the challenges we are facing to build a new Egyptian roadmap on the basis of participation, not elimination, opening the political and media fields not closing them, accepting the other and listening to him not eliminating him from the scene, opening access to information not blocking it. The president, no matter his qualifications, cannot succeed on his own. This change requires the participation of everyone in managing state affairs without elimination or discrimination and under a democratic environment that respects the constitution and rule of law.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
President of the Reform and Development Party


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