El Sadat on Lieutenant General Shafiq's Announcement to Run for the Presidential Elections

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, president of the reform and development party, welcomed Lieutenant General Ahmed Shafiq's announcement on his intention to run for the presidential elections. He confirms that running for the post is a right given to every citizen who sees in himself the ability to solve Egypt's problems and return stability, prosperity, and security to its people. He added that this would also enrich the competition and reestablish a healthy political life towards peaceful transition of power.

El Sadat hoped that rumors that the government of the United Arab Emirates is not allowing Shafiq's departure of its land to be false. If the rumors were true, it would be an unacceptable interference in Egyptian affairs that is rejected by all Egyptians. In that case, the Egyptian government must take immediate action to ensure his safe departure and return to Egypt.


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