El-Sadat calls on Parliament to adopt a law governing rights of trade unions and workers'

Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) called on the Parliament to take the time needed to issue a law regulating trade unions and trade union freedoms and to allow for discussions involving the concerned parties from the employers and independent trade unions to achieve a balanced law that fulfills the constitutional provisions and the international Conventions signed by Egypt.

El-Sadat stressed that we should benefit from the experience of the civil society law. We should avoid repeating it again with one of the most important laws that lay the true foundation of a respectable trade union movement. This movement was done by free and independent laborers to guarantee workers’ rights and establish trade union entities capable of representing its employees and expressing their issues, concerns and problems in a typical way.

El-Sadat stressed that the haste with the law on Civil Associations resulted in numerous demands to amend it and unfortunately the claims were considered to have goals that harm national security and put unacceptable external pressure, although the claimants at home and abroad are partners in development and they are dealing with the government and the private sector and civil society. Now, a similar problem with the law regulating trade union and labor freedoms will cause many economic damages to Egypt and the international community and investors. We are not committed to the trade union, economic and social rights of workers under our international agreements. They may result in going back to a bad scene overcame by labor and trade union movement years ago.


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