El-Sadat discusses with the youth and people of the governorates of Sharqeya and Dakahlia their daily problems

During his tour to the governorates, Mr. Anwar Sadat, Head of the Reform and Development Party (RDP), visited the governorates of Al-Sharqiya and Dakahlia on Friday and Saturday. He met with many youth and women leaders, where he was invited to attend seminars on the role of young people in the political scene and the women participation in constitutional rights.

A long discussion took place between Mr. El-Sadat and the people and youth of the Sharqeya and Dakahlia about the long-term economic reforms and their impact on citizens and the burdens faced by Egyptian families due to high prices and low income and many young people expressed the desire to have the opportunity to attend the President's meetings with the young complaining that they cannot register for those talks. Talks with Mr. Sadat also dealt with ways to confront terrorism that Egypt is facing at this time and the grief and sorrow felt by the citizens against our martyrs from the army and the police.

El-Sadat met with some farmers who have suffered from water problems, frequent irrigation, lack of fertilizers, pesticides and other problems facing them, calling on the state to reconsider the farmers and their requirements in light of the high cost the Egyptian citizens are suffering from. The youth also called on the State to provide suitable job opportunities, considering what is taking place in the private sector and the daily tragedies. Sadat expressed his happiness with the meetings and the open discussion. He stressed that he will repeat together with a number of RDP leaders those meetings in various governorates.


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