El Sadat: The Campaigns to Renew the Presidency for a Second Term Builds Resentment Amongst Competitors & Voters

Mr. Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, President of the Reform & Development Party, affirms that the numerous campaigns being launched to renew the Presidency of President El Sisi for a second term undoubtedly has a negative impact on the current political atmosphere. El Sadat expresses his concerns that these campaigns will further alienate potential candidates and voters alike, making candidates increasingly reluctant to run for office and voters apathetic to the election process. 

El Sadat acknowledges that while some of these campaigns may be launched out of genuine support for the President, other campaigns may be launched as part of an effort by certain institutions to determine the President's current approval rates. Either way, El Sadat reiterates that these campaigns are generating a general feeling of helplessness within an atmosphere indicative of an inevitable second term for the President. So widespread are these campaigns that voters are exposed to an overwhelming assertion of the President's continuance into a second term, thereby diminishing the possibility of any real political competition. 

El Sadat warns that the continued manipulation of public opinion, the excess use of media coverage, and the use of celebrities to overwhelm the public with a visible support for the President's second term is creating a stagnant political atmosphere in which political competition is hesitant at best.


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