Anwar El Sadat letter to the National Elections Commission AS

To the Honorable Chancellor, Lasheen Ebraheem

President of the National Elections Commission

We hope that this finds you in the best of health and circumstance. In light of our previous communication and the upcoming start of the Commission's meetings, we are writing to express our concerns regarding the integrity and impartiality of next year's Presidential Elections.

It has become apparent to us that groups and individuals have used both media exposure and party campaigns to collect signatures for the (Alashan Tebneha) pro-El Sisi forms that have been circulating throughout the public. These campaigns were even permitted to enter government buildings in order to collect signatures from employees and the public alike. The unchecked campaigning methods of the (Alashan Tebneha) effort are neither acceptable nor legal as we are no longer in a state of revolution during which designated authority is derived from million man marches and similar expressions of popular demand. This effort to overwhelm the public with a visible amassing of the people's support for the President's second term undermines the integrity of our elections, of our institutions, as well as the very legitimacy of our Constitutional Laws.

In our astonishment at the campaign methods being employed, we utilized our party resources to create a similar signature driven campaign for a presidential candidate representing our party called (Benheb El Sadat). When our campaigners tried to enter government buildings to collect signatures just as the advocators of (Alashan Tebneha) did, our campaigners were neither allowed to collect signatures nor be present on the premises. In fact, our campaigners were harassed both by security officers and senior officials and were told that we were denied on the basis that elections had not yet began, and that we were currently in a state of emergency. Unfortunately, the integrity of those very government buildings and the institutions that they belong to have come into question.

The results of our experiment demonstrated the inequality and bias apparent in our current political atmosphere, as well as the odds that stand against potential candidates in the 2018 presidential election.

It is in this regard that we are requesting that the Commission issue a public statement affirming that these ad hoc campaigns to renew the President's term are both against the law and in violation of the Constitution. We also request that the Commission call on these campaigns to come to a stop as they clearly undermine the integrity of the upcoming elections.

We hope that our request is received in good faith as it is sent with the utmost respect for the Commission's dedication and integrity. 

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat,
Party Chairman


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