El-Sadat: the Nubian Tambourine March Youth should be set free

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) demands releasing the Nubian Tambourine March Youth. They were caught while marching in the "Nubian Gathering Day". That Day was called for by numerous Nubians and other youth immigrating from the High Dam and Aswan reservoir in order to implement Article 236 of the Constitution. Such Article stipulates returning after finishing the High Dam the immigrating Nubians back home to Nasser Lake as well as abrogating Decree No. 444 on the border territories. Also, they called for establishing a supreme entity for rehabilitating and developing Nubba. They rejected the findings of the committee on defining the number of those suffering from Building Aswan reservoir. Further, they called for ceasing land expropriation at the Nile at west Aswan. 

El-Sadat stressed that no one is entitled to break laws; and if those youths did not issue a Demonstration license, we should appreciate their desire to reveal their message peacefully without violence or sabotage. the demonstration was just a march with the Nubian Tambourine. We should deal with it using the spirit of law. 

El-Sadat calls the State for listening to the Nubian leaders and youth. We should deal with them appreciatively for their stances and sacrifices all those past years. We should also find appropriate solutions and rehabilitate and develop their lands.


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