El Sadat: A Message to the Egyptian State Regarding Human Rights Watch Report

The issuance of the latest Human Rights Watch report on Egypt, which included harsh critiques on the human rights situation pointing towards cases of organized torture by Egyptian authorities, has stirred an angry wave of rejection and denial within Egyptian circles to what is stated in the report. 
Let us assume that Human Rights Watch and various United Nations Committees write impartial reports with the intention of hurting and defaming Egypt. 
An important question still remains: Do we really have some types of violations, abuses, and offenses to international human rights? 
(The answer is: Yes). We will not say that this is only the case in Egypt. Many countries around the world, sometimes more democratic than us, face issues of terrorism and violence. These countries face these issues publicly and by following rule of law, and that is the difference between us and them. 
Isn't it time to honestly self-reflect on our actions to increase our respect in front of ourselves and the world? To examine our shortcomings and take difficult decisions and procedures regarding the institutions of justice and rule of law as we did with economic reforms and renewing religious discourse, which has been welcomed by others?
I have previously invited the President of the Republic to announce 2018 as the Year of Democracy and Human Rights. 

Will he respond and have all those who are interested from experts and statesmen to seriously deal with issues of human rights and ignored human needs. Will we give a real space for the media and the civil society to share their visions in framing a future of human and civil rights on firm bases and structures? Will people who wish us ill start losing the opportunities to bring us down when we start with ourselves and face reality as it is, gaining the respect and support of the world? Or will we continue to bury our heads in the sand?
I still think that political and parliamentary delegations, advertising companies, and pressure groups abroad might be assisting factors, but they do not solve the real problem. Simply, if the Egyptian citizen feels security, justice, and human dignity in his nation, it will definitely reflect on the outside world. Therefore, we have to start now with reforming the Egyptian home on the inside with realistic and appropriate solutions. Would anyone respond to my calls?


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