El Sadat Demands Sisi to Call for Forgiving Egypt's Debts in His Speech at the UN General Assembly

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, President of the Reform and Development Party, invited the Egyptian state to adopt a campaign or initiative of forgiving Egypt's debts, starting with a call by President Sisi during his speech at the UN General Assembly's 72nd session in New York.

El Sadat affirmed that the difficult economic conditions Egypt is going through are undeniable, as well as the level of terrorism facing Egypt, which is unlike any other country in the Middle East, causing daily casualties and innocent victims. Egypt continues its peacekeeping efforts as the seventh largest country contributing peacekeeping troops in the world, in addition to Egypt's stance on regional issues in the Middle East, ending with the most recent efforts of reconciliation in Palestine between Fath and Hamas to maintain security and balance in the Arab region. All this fortifies Egypt's position in its call for the direct international support by forgiving its debts or interests to assist Egypt in facing these difficult conditions and challenges. In 1991, 43 billion dollars of debt were forgiven, which gave the Egyptian economy a strong boost, enabling it to recover.

El Sadat clarified that many countries are ready to push the development wheel in Egypt, and enforcing basic human rights if we succeed in changing Egypt's image, which has formed in their minds. Unfortunately, we are not working towards changing this image, but rather continue to deny and doubt this image. As a result, these countries will continue to insist on their positions as long as we do not start taking real steps towards admitting our own problems and setting appropriate solutions and reforms. Only then will this image change, and with it countries' positions that will turn to our support and aid.


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