RDP is looking into the demands and problems of Sinai people

Within the framework of Reform and Development Party to communicate with Citizens in various governorates to understand their view points and vision of the current political, social and economic events, Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Head of RDP met at (Ismailia) with representatives of Middle and North Sinai and with a group of Bedouins to seek their demands and understand their vision of the current events at Sinai in an attempt to understand their view point of the government role in that respect. 

During those meeting, El-Sadat praised the collaboration of the Sinai people with the Military in facing terrorism. He added that they are willingly putting up with what is taking place because of terrorism. They and their families are suffering in order to get rid of the criminal spots in Egypt.

They called for solutions for the top problems they are suffering from such as water, electricity and communications cut which lead many families to immigrate to other governorates. They added that the problem of unemployment should be solved by making use of the Sinai people skills in facing terrorism and understanding the nature of wild life there. They can participate in establishing economic enterprises for touristic development at Sinai. Further, the number of youth at Sheikh Zwaiid expressed interest in Media studies at the University of Arish as it is nearby them. Some complained that most of the massive factories established at Sinai are employing people from El-Wady and those who come to Sinai, however, work of lower position is given to the Bedouins of Sinai. They said that the development and housing programs at Middle of Sinai are not enough for all Sinai people. 


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