El Sadat to the President: Re-instating the State Happens by Establishing Values of Justice, Citizenship, and Equality

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development Party", expressed his reservation regarding the recent invitation by the President to work on reinstating the Egyptian state. He pointed that it has spread an environment of fear and concern over Egypt's future and that it has made us feel that we are back at square one after two revolutions and three years of his presidential term which he started with the slogan "Egypt is the mother of the world and will be the best in the world" then surprised us with his invitation to reinstate the country.

El Sadat stated that they were expecting and hoping that the president invites us to build and move towards the future, especially since the logic implies that he could have first spoken to us about a country threatened by failure and hence requires reinstating at the beginning of his term followed by speeches about successes in facing failures and working towards rebuilding, labor, and making a bright future.

El Sadat affirmed that the scarecrow of foreign agendas, conspiracies and surrounding dangers has already succeeded in creating a state of fear in many, which means that we cannot take any steps forward as long as we remain captive to these conspiracy theories. We will continue to follow a void loop, generation after generation, while younger countries continue forward and achieve its goals.

Re-instating a state is all about establishing values of justice, citizenship, and equality. It is about a free media that works towards building credibility and neutrality. It is about a House of Representatives that truly represents the people and puts out legislation and holds the government accountable. It is about a country built on strong institutions and ruled by the Constitution and laws, a country that appoints based on qualifications, allows freedom and opens the space for constructive opposition in order for everyone to share in building the nation. Without these values, there will be no re-instating and no future.


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