El-Sadat: RDP is reviewing the Nubian case with the assistance of experts and specialists

Within the framework of Reform and Development Party to communicate with Citizens in various governorates to understand their view points and vision of the current political, social and economic events, Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Head of RDP met at the Nubian Club with representatives of Nubian leaders to discuss the Nubian case all through the past years. 

He stressed that the Nubian people through the meetings asked for urgently establishing a Supreme Authority for Resettlement and Rehousing the Original Nubian Land. That is in accordance with Article 236 of the Egyptian constitution. Up till now, the government did not implement such Article to establish the Authority in addition to amending the Presidential Decree no. 444 in accordance with the Constitution, law and the historical rights of the Nubian people. Also, they called for not proposing any investment enterprises for Businessmen until finalizing the law which will guarantee that the Nubians will be entitled to their rights again.

El-Sadat stressed that it is vital to take daring and serious steps to alleviate the injustice and long-suffering of the Nubians. They have been promised several times but in vain. They should be rewarded appropriately. Sadat clarified that RDP is now working on a comprehensive study together with the assistance of a group of specialists for adequate just solutions for the Nubians.


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