The Reform and Development Party Explores Citizens' Questions by Touring All Governorates

Through several meetings conducted by the Reform and Development Party lead by Mohamed Anwar El Sadat in various governorates to explore people's views about the current political, economic and social situation, Egyptians had the following questions and ideas:

Demanding that the President holds a meeting with different political forces to examine the current international and domestic challenges facing Egypt such as inflation, terrorism, national projects, and the Renaissance Dam. Additionally, demanding that the President and other apparatuses announce the proper stance on Hamas; Is it a terrorist organizations as portrayed in the Egyptian media, or is it a friendly entity that is well received by the President and high-ranking government officials?!

Announcing what Egypt has reached in the Renaissance Dam negotiations and conclusions regarding a safe alternative water source, especially after the announcement of nearly finishing the Dam and its effects on Egypt. 
What are the mechanisms in place to deal with the Qatari media propaganda, which has won Qatar some international sympathy after being portrayed as a victim country.

Conducting a real opinion poll on the achievements of the House of Representatives during the final round instead of simply having members themselves boast about their achievements. "Governance is the Title of Truth" - let the Egyptian people be the judge so we can see an improvement in performance in the coming round.
The importance of issuing a decision about forming the Supreme Council for Combating Terrorism consisting of politicians and civil society leaders in order to put an end to the ongoing loss of Egyptian lives in Sinai as a result of terrorist attacks.

The necessity of consulting experts to find economic alternatives to regularly increasing prices leading to inflation, which leads to the suffering of Egyptians.
El Sadat, President of the Reform and Development party, confirmed the importance of holding similar meetings to transfer the pulse of the streets to the President and the government, in addition to relaying the questions in peoples' minds that are valid and deserving of answers and clarifications. It is in the interest of Egypt and Egyptians to address these concerns instead of ignoring them and looking the other way.


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