Anwar El Sadat: Considering Refraining from Political Work Due to the Unpromising Current Scene

Given a situation which does not admit to the culture of difference, but rather believes in a law that states: "whoever is not with us, is against us", where having a different opinion has become the way to siege, isolation, and accusations of treason and all you have to do is obey, stay quiet due to the lack of virtues of dialogue. 

This situation leads me to regretfully and seriously consider taking a step back from all political work, including running as a House Representative in the future. It has become certain that there is no hope for reform or for practicing real political work, Today, adopting a stance stemming from conviction, consciousness, and patriotism is not welcome by those who seek absolute control, especially when they have the support of people that are used to hypocrisy and flattery at the expense of principles, values, rights and freedoms.

Why are many many loyal patriots who are experienced and competent pushed either to leave Egypt or remain closed to themselves and isolated from the issues of society, although it is possible to benefit from their experiences if we listened to them and accepted their views and criticisms? We have failed to ensure their sense of security and participation. Unfortunately, many feel alienated in their own country and the youth feel frustration and despair for economic, social, and political reasons. Is it time to learn from the lessons and mistakes of past marginalization and exclusion, especially with the religious intolerance and sectarian strife that we are now facing, which require a serious and firm stand?

I have seen and heard strange allegations about preparing to run for the upcoming 2018 presidential elections both at the level of President Sisi's camp and the level of frustrated and discouraged political forces that are trying to provide a real alternative that can compete. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do now is to face reality, be patient and bear. 

I am always optimistic; not one to lose hope and surrender up to the status quo, but the current scene is not promising. It would have been easy to go against my values, sell illusions, clap with many, and claim that Egypt is moving in the path of prosperity and wellbeing. However, I am not good at hypocrisy but would rather retreat calmly to retain my self-respect and all noble meanings and values.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat


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