El Sadat Sends a Letter of Gratitude to Supporters

President of the Reform and Development Party, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, sent a letter of thanks and gratitude to those who genuinely supported him representing different political groups, intellectuals, and domestic and international thinkers after the unjust procedures that he has gone through, which have led to revoking his membership from the House of Representatives. He has been subjected to an organized campaign of attack and defamation before the public opinion.

El Sadat affirmed in a letter to everyone that despite what has happened to him, he will continue to fight corruption and protect human rights in his capacity as a politician whether through the representation of his political party by other Parliament members or its participation in strong political coalitions, such as the "Right of the People" coalition. El Sadat further pointed that the people's reaction of what happened is sufficient proof of its awareness and realization of the truth, in addition to its appreciation of his representative role and performance as a member of Parliament

El Sadat requested other Parliament members to continue to carry out their supervisory role using the available parliamentary and political tools. He encouraged them not to be afraid to fight corruption and instill a state of justice, law and respect to the constitution so we can achieve success for our dear country, Egypt.


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