El Sadat Reports Himself to the General Prosecutor to Investigate Allegations

Parliamentarian Mohamed Anwar El Sadat reported himself to the General Prosecutor today, to start an investigation regarding the allegations against him, which led to his transferal to the Ethics and Values Committee at the House of Representatives.
The report reads as follows:

Cairo, 13 February 2017

Councilor/Nabil Sadek
"Prosecutor General"


Kindly requesting that you take the needed measures to hear my statement regarding the allegations that came up against me during the investigation I was subjected to by the Parliament committees related to leaking the NGO law to foreign embassies, forging the signatures of other Parliament members on a proposed bill, and collecting and sending information in the form of a complaint to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). 

Seeing that these allegations constitute an infringement to my dignity and reputation as a representative of the people, I kindly request that you quickly address Parliament to lift my immunity and take the required measures according to the constitution, to reveal the truth before the Egyptian public opinion.

"Sincerely and Respectfully"

Presented to you by

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives


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