El-Sadat: Recording and Broadcasting Calls via Media is Violating Privacy and the Constitution

Parliamentary Member/ Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Human Rights Committee member and the head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) expresses discontent with leaking and broadcasting recorded calls of any person via media regardless of his/her stance. Eavesdropping phone calls is violation of personal privacy rights. Moreover, this is a clear violation of the constitution which guarantees establishes that phone calls, houses and all private matters should not be revealed unless there is a judicial order and according to the Communications law procedures. 

El-Sadat adds that he never met or talked to Baradie in his life. So, no one can argue that he is defending him in any manner or concerned by his leaks. However, El-Sadat is concerned that what happened projected bad image about Egypt's and its regime. He stresses that any Egyptian who commits any violation internally or abroad against his/her country or army shall be judged according to law and justice. 

El-Sadat also calls for reconsidering the way upon which the sentence of the Activist/ Ahmad Maher of 6 April Movement was executed. It demand monitoring him for 3 years after serving his penalty period. He has to show up at the police station daily and to be detained there for 12 hours each day for the next 3 years. This penalty is unprecedented in the protest law violation. This case needs a review of the execution of the monitoring term. There is other alternatives in the law like submitting himself once a week or once a month and being banned of leaving the country by a court order or any other measure that will not hinders living his life normally. It is not right to release someone from a prison to keep them in another prison. This call is not supporting Maher himself or his opinions, but it is disapproval of the concept and the way of execution regardless of the person.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media Coordinator


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