El Sadat in an urgent statement to Abdel Al: Where is the NGO law?

Parliamentarian and President of the Reform and Development Party, Anwar El Sadat, presented a query to Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Ali Abdel Al, about the destiny of the NGO law, which parliament approved and sent to the presidency for signature and issuance.

El Sadat affirmed that it has been over a month since the law has been sent to the presidency for issuance. According to article 123 of the constitution, the presidency must either approve or return the law to parliament for further discussions and amendments within one month. 

El Sadat clarified that everyone is awaiting the destiny of the law to act accordingly. He added that other laws were sent to the presidency after the NGO law and have already been issued such as the journalism and media laws. This drives us to wonder whether the NGO law has been sent to the presidency at all? Or is it still kept in the drawers of parliament?


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