El Sadat advises caution in discussing (Tiran and Sanafir) in parliament

In light of the government decision of deciding naval borders of Tiran and Sanafir islands according to article 151 of the constitution, parliamentarian Mohamed Anwar El Sadat President of the Reform and Development Party, stated that there is an appeal before the High Administrative Court claiming Egypt's right to sovereignty over the islands scheduled for 16 January. Additionally, the former state commission report issued weeks ago assures Egypt's right to the islands, regardless of the consultative and non-binding nature of the report.

That is why, El Sadat called for caution in discussing such agreements inside parliament until the court decision. He pointed towards the importance of holding hearing sessions to take into account the views of geography, international law, and history experts that filed the legal case for Egypt's right to the islands. It is also important to listen to other views representing the government and its experts. He added that each party should present all the available documents and that such sessions be covered live by media outlets in order for the people to truly be part of the conversation to build trust needed for parliament to vote on the decision.

El Sadat clarified that everyone wishes to know the truth considering the sensitivity of the case, regardless of what the documents will show. This will decrease further divisions in a time where Egyptians need to unite and build bridges of trust between the people and its leadership and government for a better future.

Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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