Judicial Bodies Bill will unnecessarily ignite a crisis we can avoid

Parliament Member/ Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) stresses that the Bill on Appointing heads of Judicial Bodies will introduce unneeded arguments, controversies and murmurs that we can avoid. He adds that there is not credible objective justification for such Bill especially that there is no argument on the measures and procedures taken to appoint the bodies' heads.

El-Sadat highlights that, in accordance with the constitution, the parliament is entitled to legislate any laws with respect to all state authorities. However, the judicial authority is an independent estate and it shall review and consider its issues especially when nominating the heads of its bodies. The judicial estate is governed by unbreakable impermissible principles and norms that should be respected.  

  El-Sadat calls for taking into consideration the separation of estates principle. He also stresses that it's unwise to ignite an unneeded crisis at that critical time. The judicial authority is prestigious and it can manage its issues on its own through the legal channels; namely, the Supreme judicial Council and the judicial bodies' entities. He draws attention to issues that the parliament can address as they are on top of list.

Issues such as the justice system in rapidly settling disputes in courts by having new courts built in addition to the Forensic Medicine entities, and the departments of experts, Real estate publicity Departments and process server and administrative departments. Also, executing judgments is part and parcel of the judicial system. Finally, certain laws should be amended such as Criminal Procedures Act to guarantee safe and sound justice. 


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