El-Sadat expecting a surprise by the president to refer the Association law back again to the Parliament

MP/ Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Board member of the General Federation of the National Associations highlights that he expects, after the constitutional competences grated to the President, that he may refer back again the Law on National Associations to the Parliament. This act will be an attempt to review the Law after the wide criticism and major anger of those working in National or Charity work.

El-Sadat clarifies that referring the law back to the Parliament will be an important step respected and welcomed by all those who work in Civil Society locally or abroad. This will reflect that Egypt keeps and preserves international commitments, covenants and agreements to guarantee freedom and independence of national work. All those acts will be a sort of protection from interference and for our national security. 

El-Sadat also said that he understands that most articles in the law are the result of justifiable fear from incorrect usage of grants and donations of some associations. Hence, a law should be issued in a way that does not impede the national wok, activities and vital roles by those national associations in accordance with the sustainable development plan 2030.


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