El Sadat: Distorting My Image Was Intentional - Many Details Will Be Revealed

I wait with hardship for the results of the investigation conducted by the Bureau of the House of Representative, unwilling to hide the facts after continuous and illogical accusations such as leaking the NGO law to foreign embassies or forging Parliament members' signatures on a balanced NGO bill I had proposed. This proposed law had a consensus by those involved with the work of civil society organizations but was blocked in favor of the latest bill that was discussed and approved by parliament (which I believe the President will not endorse and will send it back to the parliament for amendment). This occurred to export a fake image of myself to the public that does not reflect my patriotic stance since I started my political and civil career. 

I can only describe my wait as painful. I was never used to feel fear as a result of attacks against me. It is clear to everyone since the first House of Representative Session that my membership and chairmanship of the human rights committee were unwelcome. This makes me feel that the investigation conducted by the Speaker Dr. Ali Abdel Al was done by an opponent as well as a judge. I also think that there are agents outside Parliament that are supporting these steps taken against me and aiming to distort my image in the public eye and to doubt my patriotism.

I am confident that the allegations against me must not be resolved inside the House, I rather demand that they are referred to the public prosecutor. They are serious allegations that relate to being serving international objectives. However, I still hope the allegations are resolved quickly so I can clear my name in the public opinion, which is my main concern. I am also waiting for Parliament to get me my rights against those who made these allegations.

There are multiple details that confirm the intention to distort my image by creating conspiracy theory, written in security reports that I will reveal at the right time. I will resist the frustration I currently feel and use all the Parliamentary tools available to me to accomplish the tasks I was elected for.

Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives
Human Rights Committee 


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