Sadat: It is important to respond to tourist complaints in order to sustainably increase in tourism revenues

Parliament Member/ Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) call all entities and institutions concerned for responding to tourists' complaints and feedback about Egypt. Such feedback and complaints should be a reference used in order to enhance the tourism service offered to Egypt's visitors. He also praises the effort exerted by the government entities to advertise and market for the Egyptian landmarks in many countries. However, such effort should be harmonious with the tourists' complaints and feedback so as not to waste it.

We should try to guarantee that any problems are addressed and that we can keep our reputation globally. He further added that those working in the tourism field should be aware that the competition is not easy with other countries that took the complaints and feedback into and they address any problems with quick response which lead to a great increase in their revenues.

 Finally, Sadat shed light that reviewing the global websites that publish the touristic experiences in countries and taking comments written seriously are of paramount importance to revive tourism in Egypt. On top of list of problems that should be addressed are harassment, attack and utilization of some stores, drivers and restaurants. Also, streets should be clean and decorated; and traffic system should be enhanced as all these will reflect a good reputation about Egypt and the Egyptians.


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