Mostafa Kamal El-Din Hussein and others constituted a Parliamentary coalition named (The People's Right)

In an attempt to enhance the role of the parliament and the government to face the current issues and challenges, Parliament Member/ Mostafa Kamal El-Din Hussein and other members discussed constituting a new parliamentary coalition named (The People's Right). Up till now, there are more than 40 members signed to subscribe to such coalition.

Mostafa Kamal El-Din stressed that responsibility towards the People was the main reason to disregard political arguments and differences. He added that our society, problems and issues are our priority and that things must be on the right track in accordance with the constitution. Further, he stressed that the parliament should exercise its normal role to set the public policy and legislations for the State as well as monitoring. That will fulfill the aspirations and hopes of the Egyptians.

Kamal El-Din Highlighted that (Parties and independent non-parties) are welcome to join the coalition. They will be a real voice reflecting the citizens' demands and resort to them when needed.


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