El-Sadat to the Parliament Speaker/ Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal with regard to ceasing his assistants from entering the Parliament

Dear Dr. Ali Abdel-aal, 
Speaker of the Parliament

Hope this letter finds you well. 

I am gravely disappointed from your directives to cease all my assistants from entering the Parliament and withdrawing all their Entry Permits (IDs). Unfortunately, that negatively affects my role as a Parliament Member representing the People. Now, my assistants can hardly enter the Parliament to submit or deliver the citizens’ petitions. Further, they cannot deal with any Ministry without an ID which hinders communication with the Government or its Agencies to sort a way out for the citizens’ problems, grievances and complaints.

Whereas an assistant was accused of an abuse towards your Excellency with respect to Tiran and Sanafir, that I myself did not approve either for you or any of my colleagues. Further, I accepted his resignation until the problem is resolved as he is now suspended under investigation at Home Land Security after a report made by your Excellency to the Public Attorney. The Truth will be revealed and the Rule of law will be respected. 
President Abdel-Fattah Sisi is releasing numerous youth who were sentenced with final judgements or were suspended after violations or revolts giving us a forgiving example to follow. Further, it is your right to take all the measures and procedures requisite with my assistant. However, this action should not affect the other assistants who did not commit anything. This may affect my role as a member seeking the best interest of the citizen whom I represent. 

Consequently, I ask you for reviewing your decree and not to restrict the work that will be done by my assistance as I am not working alone and they provide me with important assistance. Finally, I stress that what is taking place with me is a precedent in the Parliament.


إرسال تعليق