El-Sadat: National Associations Law that I was held accountable for spreading it is published online

I am astonished from accusing me of forging the signature of Parliament Members on certain laws – Am I paying for performing my legislative and monitoring role

I am not new at the Parliament and I have expressed my disapproval with the management of it in a detailed memo to the Speaker and members

Parliament Member/ Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) stressed that investigating him by the House of Representatives Office (HRO) is a series of false accusations. He has been accused of spreading the Foreign Embassy National Association Law which is published online and in News websites. Hence, it is not classified and several institutions know about it. He clarifies that in his capacity as a Parliamentary Member, Head of RDP and Member at the General Union for national associations, he meets with a lot of ambassadors and delegates. That is very natural with Parliamentary Members. It is also pathetic that he never met the Ambassador of The Netherlands. 

El-Sadat also sheds light that accusing him now of forging the signature of some members on the Bill of amending the criminal procedures and the bill of National 
Associations is chronological with referring him for investigation. However, one of those Bills was at the first session of the Parliament. Why now? He expressed his surprise from some comments and announcements made by some colleagues who accused him without evidence or proof or at least wait for the findings of the investigation. He describes this as pathetic. 

El-Sadat highlights that he submits an objective memo describing what took place and disapproving the Parliament management to the sessions and the toughness. He indicates that he highly disapproves the management of the Egyptian Parliament. He adds that he is not a new member and that he is an old-hand in the rules, procedures and the mechanism of the Parliament. Further, he adds that he is paying for playing his legislative and monitoring role with the problems he has with the Parliament Speaker. 
Attached are the websites that published the National Associations Bill submitted by the government

Youm7 – Friday – 9 September 2016 

Bawabet Akhbar Elyoum – 27 October 2016 

Enferad – 9 September 2016 

Youm7 – 21 October 2016 

Memo submitted to Parliament Speaker 
Akbar Elyoum – 13 Novemeber 2016 

Elwafd – 13 Novemeber, 2016 


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