El-Sadat calls for specifying a weekly session for environmental activities in Egyptian Schools

Parliament Member/ Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) calls the Ministry of Education for adding a weekly session for all Egyptian school students. Such session is to be specified for environmental activities and it has to include implementing fieldwork in all Egyptian neighborhoods.

El-Sadat highlights that Egyptian cities are now witnessing lack of cleanliness and taste and chaos is spreading everywhere. The reason is not only that the state agencies are not playing their pivotal role, but also the absence of important principles like cleanliness, order and beauty. Mr. Sadat stressed that there will be no change unless the code of conduct and behavior of people is changed. He added that Egypt has to be built on solid grounds of civilization and respect for the environment in all walks of life. Hence, he proposes specifying a weekly session at schools for students, teachers and administrators to cooperate together to develop and garden Egyptian residential areas where lack of taste and waste are spreading.

Mr. Sadat draws attention also to the role of parents as role models to their children. Accordingly, parents should participate in this weekly session as possible. He added that he himself will take part in the environmental activities at Monofia Governorate by collaborating with students and the youth to make sure that the streets are clean. Further, he stresses that cleanliness and beauty are national duty that all Egyptians should preserve. He concluded that few months we will reap the fruit of those thriving efforts and in no time Egypt will restore its position among world nations.


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