El-Sadat calls for listening to the university youth when discussing the Student Union elections

Parliament Member/ Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) calls Dr. Ashraf El-Sheihy, Minister of Higher Education and Head of the Supreme Council of Universities to listen to the suggestions of the university students on the rules and regulations for making elections of the Student Unions. It is said that the elections will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulation of 2007 issued by the Republican Decree of the Former President/ Mubarak. Such Rules and Regulations stipulated that elections will run with respect to Universities only without constituting Egypt’s Student Union. 

El-Sadat clarified that in line with the talks at Sharm El-Sheikh on the youth and their role, we should give chance to the youth and to listen to their opinions and try to fulfill their aspirations and hopes. Further, Localities elections are to be run and the positive support, contribution and participation of the youth are direly needed. 

El-Sadat stressed that harmony and consent of students are important to avoid any accusations of lack of transparency of the elections and their results. He added that the youth decided to follow the rules and the legitimate ways to establish a future they aspire to.


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