Reform & Development Party is launching a "Safe Roads are the responsibility of all" campaign

Reform and Development Party under the leadership of Mr. Anwar El-Sadat launched a campaign named "Safe Roads are the responsibility of all". This campaign is an attempt to cease blood shed of people in streets and to reduce the number of victims and injured from road accidents. RDP calls for concerting community efforts especially those of businessmen and the private sector to collaborate with the government so as to increase the efficiency of roads and apply the security and safety standards. All that will promote the principle of social responsibility.

El-Sadat highlights that the strategy adopted for this campaign has many aspects. On top of list of those aspects are legislative and procedural infrastructure related to safety of roads such as (Motor Vehicles Law, Road Construction Code, Vehicle Quality Code and other related laws). Further, we should work on providing sufficient financial resources for road maintenance and safety. Other procedures should be taken into consideration such as road monitoring; road safety staff competence enhancement; and fostering the health system for rescuing the injured and the victims of those accidents.

The responsible of the campaign called the parliamentary transportation committee for constituting a work team to review the efficiency of enforcing a security and safety road code for the Egyptian roads and to examine the accident roads and to write reports on whether the roads comply with the standards of security and safety.


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