A Message to My Fellow Members of The House of Representatives

Many are wondering about my nomination to the presidency of Parliament's Human Rights Committee in the next parliament sessions, especially after much trouble faced as president in the prior session; ranging from constant conflicts with the Speaker and daily incidents that denied all hope of a true will to establish human rights criteria in their true meaning. These constant obstacles and limitations to the work of the committee are what pushed me to resign its presidency for the sake of being honest with myself in addition to respecting the oath I swore to look after the interests of the people.
Do I expect anything to change or that I will find some level of leniency and rationality, encouraging me to nominate myself once more? Or is it rather a personal vendetta against me, which is my guess as well as many others? However, to this second, I am certain that I should continue my role as a member of Parliament and the committee, giving my best in the hopes of a change in the situation, for better or for worse. In any case, I tell this to whoever will take the responsibility next, and as a result of my personal experience:
I still insist on carrying out my role in the field of human rights, following the same methodology of cooperation with all human rights defenders, in hopes of living in a society that respects Egyptians' dignity and fulfills their hopes of respecting the constitution, rule of law and international treaties / commitments

Anwar El Sadat


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