A Letter to the President

Mr. President/ Abdel Fattah El Sisi

"President of the Arab Republic of Egypt"


The dear memory of the October victory, the first real military victory since the time of Mohamed Ali, is approaching. I wish to take this opportunity and spirit to call on you to hold a meeting with the members of the Human Rights Committee of Parliament, the members of the Human Rights Council and representatives from civil society organizations in the presence of members of the cabinet and different security apparatuses to start a dialogue on political, economic and social rights. The dialogue would also cover the current phase's priorities in light of the challenges Egypt is facing, in addition to affirming the role of national security and the importance of government supervision of civil society activities without interference, as long as those activities are within the boundaries of the law.

Mr. President,

These meetings will positively impact policies and visions because they will be based on hearing different and realistic perspectives from experts and specialists. They will start a path towards transforming human rights principles to realities that we live in according to the constitution and a state of justice and law.

We must believe that the international community is a main actor and a partner in Egypt's development in light of our international agreements and conventions. The growing feeling of conspiracy and being targeted will cost us a lot. The world is not our enemy. We are used to Egypt being a strong nation that fearlessly seeks its interests and that human rights and dignity is a top priority that calls for an urgent discussion where we can hear your thoughts and clarify things we might not be aware of regarding challenges facing Egypt.

"My utmost thanks and respect"

Anwar El Sadat

Member of the Egyptian Parliament

Human Rights Committee


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