Dr. Ali Abdel Al

Dr. Ali Abdel Al
Speaker of the House of Representatives

Based on article 129 of the constitutions, I wish to pose a question to General Sedki Sobhi, Minister of Defense and Military Production, to clarify the role of the Armed Forces Research and Rescue Center regarding:
The migrant boat that capsized off the coast of Rosetta resulting in the death of over 168 people in addition to those that are missing. Initial investigations pointed that the boat went out for fishing and to which migrants traveled over the course of five days, 12 KM into the sea. 
How can hundreds of people cross the Egyptian coastal borders, protected by the border guards and supported by the coastal army forces, unseen? How was the crisis not anticipated before it actually happened? What if those people were affiliated with terrorist organizations or were trafficking weapons or drugs across the sea?
In hopes of a quick response to these questions and comments on the preparedness and reach of the coastal guard to guarantee that such a crisis is not repeated. Additionally, I am calling for a quick investigation into all the allegations around this incident and to quickly announce investigation results to share the truth with the victims' families and all Egyptians. We all know that border guards do not sleep in order to protect our coasts and borders. 
Anwar El Sadat
Member of Egyptian Parliament
Human Rights Committee  


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