El-Sadat: obvious unjustifiable manipulation of the constitution articles and everyone is silent

Parliament Member/ Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Chairperson of Human Rights Committee calls for being decisive with respect to Dr. Amr shoubaky's seat in the House of Representatives. The court of cassation has ruled that his rival is an invalid member for Dokki and Agouza district. Sadat considers this a waste of time and violation of the state of law. He calls the Parliament Speaker to clarify the main reasons for this delay. He added that there are rumors that there is favoritism and intended obstruction.

In this context, Mr. Sadat expresses concern over non-execution of the constitutional duties and rights that we are obliged with in obvious and straightforward articles with respect to laws on building churches, non-discrimination commission, and interim justice. We must abide by the constitution and be committed to it as compulsory act and that is the opinion of the majority of constitutional jurisprudents. This act is an obvious manipulation of the constitution's articles.

Sadat is questioning the position of professors, experts and jurisprudents of constitutional law. Where are they? What is their opinion on suspending the execution of the court ruling? Where is the constitution protection institution that is constituted to explain and strengthen the interpretation of and commitment to the constitution? Unfortunately everyone is silent and the constitution is endangered. 

 Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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