El Sadat in an Urgent Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Parliamentarian and President of the Human Rights Committee, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, addressed an urgent message to Dr. Ali Abdel Al, Speaker of the House, at the end of Parliament's first session, requesting him to hold an urgent General Assembly meeting. The meeting would revise and discuss some internal issues related to the some practices in the general and committee sessions that violate the constitution and the supervisory and legislative role played by the House, which have shocked and disappointed Egyptians and political analysts.

El Sadat clarified that considering Parliamentary norms and traditions compared to the current performance of the House, there needs to be a strong stand to rectify the situation and regain the people's trust in Parliament. The current situation has caused deep frustration for the national and international public opinion.

El Sadat also affirmed that the current Parliament has not been effective in carrying out its duties and jurisdictions, with a long list of tasks still remaining on its agenda in the coming period. He added "It is a result of my concern and protectiveness over the status and high standing of the House and its members that I am warning that our continuation in the same manner wastes the advantage that is the current formation of the members of the House and makes us a laughing-stock domestically and internationally."

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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