El-Sadat: granting nationality to non-Egyptians in return for bank deposit is rejected

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) totally rejects the Draft Law on granting non-Egyptians the Egyptian nationality in return for bank deposits. He considers this idea unacceptable as the nationality is precious and should not be bought and sold with money. He also stresses that this may have social and economic negative consequences.

El-Sadat stresses that the Egyptian economic status may be bad, however, this is not a justification for granting the Egyptian nationality in return for money. If our intention is to grant to only to investors to revive the economic and investment circumstances in Egypt, we must have conditions that are reviewed and scrutinized. Also, the condition of staying at Egypt for a considerable duration would help us avoid problems we may face in the future. 

El- Sadat clarifies that we must be careful and take into consideration the problems we may face as of granting the Egyptian nationality like taking vital posts and offices in the parliament of the State authorities. Also, the Egyptian national security should be taken into consideration before considering the economic circumstances.


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