El-Sadat: Foreign Ministry witnessed the Geneva Conference Discussions

Upon his return from Geneva, MP / Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Chairperson of Parliamentary Human Rights Committee expressed his dismay from the Media announcements, other parliamentary members and other concerned entities regarding his travel.

Sadat denied such announcements and he added that such announcements are targeting delivering bad image about him to the public and defaming his reputation. He stresses that the Parliament, the Foreign Ministry and other concerned entitles are aware of the conference, the talks and the issues discussed in detail. 

Sadat pointed out that the visit to Geneva aimed at attending a series of hearings and lectures from specialists in the field of human rights. Such specialists are well-known on the international level, such as the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, a Swiss non-governmental organization. They have been invited to such hearings and lectures as they are working in the human rights field. He noted that they met with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, who has emphasized his eagerness to restore Egypt's position and its leadership, strengthening and activating the cooperation between Egypt and the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations.

Sadat explained that skepticism and mistrust without evidences has become a tool that is easily used and that is unfortunate. The Egyptian ambassador to Switzerland was an eyewitness to what is going on in this conference, stressing that the full details of the conference can be announced and there is nothing to hide. Sadat wishes to repeat such educational courses to other Parliamentary Members for the best interests of our homeland and the Egyptian citizens.


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