El-Sadat: disagreement with expatriate Copts does not mean classifying them as traitors and agents

Parliament Member/ Anwar Sadat, chairperson of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee confirmed that the expatriate Copts who demonstrated in front of the White House because of their sense of persecution of their brothers in Egypt, although there are reservations about it, but this does not mean to classify them as traitors and agents. We are not supposed to accuse them of escalation against Egypt. 

El-Sadat said that the expatriate Copts had their honorable stances at the presidential elections and the merits of the road map and at the presence of President Sisi in New York and other events Egypt experienced throughout history. We are supposed to look for the reasons of their demonstrations rather than accusing them. We should exert effort to root out sedition sectarianism and all the excesses that provoke anger.

El-Sadat said that from the beginning we know that there are calls for demonstrations and no one cares or communicates with relevant parliamentary or foreign institutions to co-operate with them and absorb their anger. This may have forced them to exercise their right of expression in a democratic country. It is not reasonable to come to Egypt to demonstrate and then return back. Those Copts are our ambassadors abroad. Hence, we should be tolerant and forgiving and work on sorting a way out for the problems. Such problems are the main reason for such actions. We must issue fair laws to guarantee the sovereignty of law and that those who violate such laws will be punished.


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