El-Sadat: notes and recommendations on the Human Rights National Report will be of top priority

Parliament Member Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Chairperson of Parliamentary Human Rights Committee stressed that the committee is watching with interest and keenness the National Council for Human Rights press conference. The press conference will take place today discussing the 11th Annual report on raising human rights awareness; and on complaints' office activity, fact finding commissions, visiting jails and prisons, and other urgent and important issues.
El-Sadat highlights that the Human Rights Committee (HRC) will take notes and give recommendations with reference to the report. Such action will be on top of the HRC's agenda in an attempt to deal with the issues stated in the report. Such issues are in line with the target of the HRC. 

El-Sadat praises the efforts by the National Council for Human Rights especially in raising awareness of human rights facing the current extremism, rage and hatred in speech and action. The Council has helped in raising constitutional awareness and Rule of Law. He sheds light on the fact that there might be violations and trespasses taking place, however, there are further fruitful steps taken towards enhancing Human Rights in Egypt.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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