El-Sadat commenting on Hikal's Talk on Transitional Justice

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights comments on Dr. Ossama Hikal's talk named (National Conciliation Article is a constitutional trap and the Parliament will reject it). This talk is published at Almasry Newspaper on July 21, 2016. Sadat highlights that the Parliamentary members should respect the constitution. He adds that the members are elected in line with the constitution articles and they have taken the solemn oath to respect it. Accordingly, the members should pay due respect to its articles even if they have some articles that they do not agree with. Sadat also stresses that there is not any single coalition or party that has the right to cease this constitutional right or even constitutional amendments and aroused doubts in its articles will be something natural and accepted.

El-Sadat: The recurrent Sectarian Crisis needs Parliamentary interference

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat stresses that the Parliament together with its specialized committees should not be kept banned from dealing with the recurrent sectarian crisis taking place at Upper Egypt. The parliament should be allowed to play its role in constituting fact finding committees to determine who is the responsible in such governorates. Further, the District Attorneys should be given their right to investigate and take the necessary measures and procedures to identify the criminals. This will not enable any foreign parties inside or outside Egypt to take advantage of the incidents and try to interfere in the Egyptian affairs. 

El-Sadat Calls for Zero Surtax on the Tourism Sector and its activities

Taking into Consideration that tourism sector is suffering since 2011; Parliamentary Member Mr. Mohamad Anwar Sadat calls for specifying zero surtax for that sector and its activities same as Export Sector and Free Zones. He adds that this act may enable this sector to revive after long years of suffering. 

El-Sadat further calls for issuing a law to encourage the unofficial economic activities to join the official economy and to specify bonus for them. Registering such economic activities will enable the government to impose taxes widely and comprise such unofficial activities.

El-Sadat draws his speech to Mr. Tarek Amer, governor of the Central Bank, saying (we are puzzled. What is really happening in Egypt? Is it an attempt to float the pound or to reduce its value? Kindly we are addressing you to solve the problem and face us with the truth. We have a grave problem in the dollar market.


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