Egypt, Israel and Africa

Each country is concerned with its matters. Israel in Africa is taking further steps day after another. The Israeli Prime Minister was calling for a membership in the African Union. Where is the Egyptian Government?

There are strategic governmental interests in Africa that are more than the Israeli interests. We are bound to and need Africa more than Israel. Egypt has great potential to work with and support our African partners than Israel. However, Israel is advancing in its steps with Africa than Egypt.

There might or might not be a conflict of interest between Egypt and Israel in Africa. The Egyptian government is shortsighted in its vision and lacks a strategic plan to a partnership with Africa for our interest. We can study the steps of others to learn from them.

Accordingly, the Egyptian government together with the Parliament should urgently clarify the vision and plan to develop dealings with the African continent before it's too late. This should be done through the Committee on African Affairs

Anwar El-Sadat
Chairman of Human Rights Committee
Egyptian Parliament


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