Anwar El-Sadat Message to President El-Sisi

Mr. President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi 
President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Hope this message finds you well and Wish you Happy Eid. 

On the occasion of issuing the Annual Report of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), kindly you are invited to meet with the head and members of NCHR and members of the Parliamentary Human Rights committee as well as experts in Civil Society, Ministries and concerned Authorities. This meeting aims at discussing the notes and recommendations on the Annual Report and at introducing your Excellency's vision with respect to such issues and related urgent and important matters.

It is noteworthy that the human rights as well as the notes and recommendations on that issue are stipulated in the Annual Report. Further, this invitation is concurrent with submitting a new draft law to the Parliament and the Government. This draft law is defining the competencies and independence of NCHR in accordance with the Conventions, Covenants and Pacts that Egypt has concluded and subscribed to. This invitation also aims at promoting and protecting the people's economic and social rights. 

In fact, this meeting will be a success in economic and development domains which Your Excellency achieved and will be widely welcomed nationally and internationally. Further, this meeting will reflect tangible steps taken towards enhancing human rights in Egypt. Finally, the meeting will stress the State's concern to preserve the dignity of the Egyptians domestically and abroad.

My sincere thanks and appreciation

Yours Faithfully,
Mohamad Anwar El-Sadat 
Chairman of Human Rights Committee
Egyptian Parliament


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