El-Sadat: the Current Budget Draft is rejected and we will not accept the Government pressures

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) said that he rejects the Budget Draft for the New Fiscal Year 2016-2017. The Draft is now under discussion at the House of Representatives. He stresses that the Parliament should not bear the faults of the government. Further, he adds that the Parliament will not accept the pressure exercised to pass the current Budget. In addition to that, Sadat highlighted that he has accepted before the Government statement but he will not accept blindly this Draft as the well being of the Egyptians depends on the Budget details. The rights of the Egyptians are unquestionable.

Upon a study made by RDP experts and after surveying many Parliament Members opinions, Mr. Sadat stresses that the Budget Draft is submitted to Parliament late. Such delay should not be taken by the Parliament Members. Further, he adds that the Draft lacks transparency and the background of the expenditure and revenues. Also the Financial Statement was very traditional especially within the programmatic display expected to be applied this year. It also lacks clarifications for items and tables included.

El-Sadat believes that the Ministers and Officials are astonished by the vigilance of the Parliament Members during the review and discussion committees and by requesting clarifications for the items included in the Budget Draft and by questing the Government of any financial weaknesses in the measures taken or the plans made.

El-Sadat also clarifies that he rejects the Draft as it is quasi non-constitutional. That non-constitutionality results from non-abidance by the constitution as for Education, Health and Scientific Research. He adds that if the Government is talking about deficit, hence we are asking them to reveal information about the special private funds that we know nothing about. Also there is a waste of money with respect to the assets and public property whether cars, vacant buildings or projects and enterprises. In addition to that there is chaos in the Administrative Agency that results in wasting dozens of billions annually.
Finally, Parliament Members are not working for the Government; however, they are represented by the people to protect their money and interests.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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