El Sadat: "The Persecution of Activists and Intellectuals is an Unhealthy Approach that Must Be Stopped"

The Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Anwar El Sadat, recently called on the Egyptian Government to halt the persecution of activists and social and political thinkers under the guise of security threats, especially where no evidence has been presented. Moreover, the MP calls for the immediate release of those detained without formal charges. 

El Sadat noted the detrimental impact of using such outdated methods of intimidation that clearly contradict the human rights enshrined in our national laws, and that the approach of active intimidation flies in the face of belonging to a modern society in which realities such as social networks enable people to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas the world over. 

El Sadat reiterated that the relationship between the Egyptian Government and Egypt's activists and intellectuals should be one of open communication and transparency. The MP called on the Government to listen to activists and to clarify, through transparency, any misgivings currently being held in public opinion. 

El Sadat also calls on the Egyptian Government to honor and respect the Constitution by upholding citizens' rights to the freedom of expression, and emphasizes the notion that trying to silence the opinions of its citizens only complicates things further and increases social and political tensions within the country.

El Sadat states that it is not only detrimental, but a waste of time and energy to resort to such methods of silencing public opinions, and that the Government's efforts can far more usefully be employed in addressing issues of social and economic development.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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