El Sadat: Astonished by the Expedited Convictions of the April 25 th Protestors

Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Mohamed Anwar El Sadat expressed his profound astonishment at the speed with which the Judicial System issued verdicts for the youth detained during the recent April 25th Protests.

Where numerous cases have awaited a verdict for years, and other verdicts have been ignored and unexecuted on the basis of individual privilege, it took less than 20 days to detain, charge, and convict youth who were neither guilty of violence nor the destruction of public property. 

Mr. El Sadat indicates that such obvious injustice undermines the people's trust in the judicial system, and as an integral pillar of the country's stability, a vote of no confidence in the judicial system will only lead to chaos and disorder.

Mr. El Sadat also issued a direct statement to the youth of the April 25thProtests in which he stated that they were an honor to the nation and the embodiment of true patriotism. As young Egyptians who cared deeply enough to express their loyalty to their country and their readiness to protect their land, Mr. El Sadat informs them that the convictions against them should be worn as a badge of honor, indicative of their patriotism.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Committee reiterated that freedom of expression and the right to protest belongs to every citizen and is enshrined in the Constitution.
Mr. El Sadat calls for a more open atmosphere in which the open exchange of opinions and the freedom of expression are both allowed and respected without the infringement of state-bias. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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