To All Friends

I had big hopes that an elected parliament will succeed in creating a balance between state powers and be a real partner in the ruling authority according to articles of the constitution that give it this jurisdiction. I have had meetings with and written letters to the President and his advisers assuring the importance of protecting values and principles that ensure their success and popularity with no avail.

Now, I feel like some security agencies and President Advisers have a deep will to obstruct the work of Parliament by using some MPs and coalitions that support them to intentionally ignore my speeches inside the sessions and prevent my participation in meetings with official delegations inside Egypt and abroad.

I had prepared a work-plan to implement along with members of the committee, responding to urgent and pressing issues pertaining to rights and freedoms, whether domestically or internationally, as I await the results of the parliament committees' elections. Despite my certainty that they want specific MPs to head certain committees to speak on behalf of the government, not on behalf of the people and to be sure that they can control what is being presented and discussed inside the committees. Some of those MPs either were appointed or were elected on pre-settled party lists. Although I am feeling disappointed that nothing has changed in Egypt (our country), that we want to stand strong, united and just, since the Arab Spring, many others like myself, will remain the voice of truth and reason until we succeed in building state institutions that can establish justice, equality and rule of law.

Will I succeed in my perseverance in this challenge? Because I will not accept to stay in this Parliament merely as a façade. Or will I quietly withdraw to enjoy my family, grandchildren and personal life?
We will see...

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives


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