Talk of Reason and Logic

On occasion of President Sisi's speech before some representatives from the Egyptian society (the Egyptian family), about the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, and other national concerns and successes, commenting on what was spread through media outlets and by some politicians, thinkers and activists.

I believe that national responsibility forces us to slow down in dealing with this fact (crisis) with some rationality. For very long, Egyptians felt a connection to these islands. They had protected them and sacrificed a lot for them. Even if they were merely briefly entrusted to Egypt, but were managed by Egypt to protect national security, and in return, we have the agreement that the government has reached based on its documents and experts. This requires that we give ourselves, the public opinion and the House of Representatives, the chance to think about and discuss here presented historical facts, based on its constitutional jurisdiction, and under live television coverage. This is the first issue.

Second, we also need to welcome conservative opinions that reject the agreement and look into their proofs to present a full picture to the public and for our understanding of the topic to become fact based. Even if that requires holding a referendum according to article 151 of the constitution. This was suggested by many but is controversial. No matter what we choose, the goal is for everyone to reach a conviction and to rest assured.

Despite the fact that protesting this or any other issue is a right protected by the constitution and the law, Egypt currently truly cannot handle any calls for demonstrations, law suits, or civil movements. Enough with wasting energy or entering into confrontations that will cost us a lot that we cannot afford based on my reading of economic and financial situation of Egypt. This does not mean that we give up our rights or pride. But with some reason, wisdom and listening to each other, we can get over many crises.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives


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