Anwar El Sadat Letter to President El Sisi AS

Mr. President/ Abdel Fattah El Sisi
President of the Arab Republic of Egypt 
I am honored, on the occasion of the elections for the human rights committee in the House of Representatives, to request a meeting with members of the committee as well as members of the national council for human rights, if your time allows, or with representatives of sovereign entities as you would see fit
This is on occasion of the start of the committee's work and in preparation for its work plan and priorities to conduct a dialogue and discussion in the framework of integration of powers (executive and legislative) and also to learn the reality of the domestic and international situation, and the correct procedures for reform, to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens and the reputation of Egypt internationally, serving the interest of our nation and our national security.
Mohamed Anwar El Sadat 
President of the Human Rights Committee 
House of Representatives


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